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Hello.... Robin and Greg are based in Gainesville, Florida. We specialize in Nature and Wildlife Photography. Our images are available for sale as wall decor, paper products, and internet digital use. If you have sent an email to our old cox address, resend to our new email address.

Our new email address is

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Because of the economy and health issues, we are no longer publishing the Photos of the Week. We also have shut down the photo business and will no longer do art shows. We appreciate your support over the years, and thank you for checking out the other images in our site. Our email address is:

Other local photographers of interest are:

Phil Sandlin

Barbara Woodmansee

Ron Irby

John Moran

David Moynahan

Stuart Kaye

Stephen Tabone

David Bond

Phil is a retired photojournalist for AP and is actively involved in wildlife photography. Barbara is famous for her knowledge of Butterflies. Ron is a local sports photographer who also is involved in wildlife photography. David M. is a photographer based in Tallahassee doing some great outdoor work. John is the premier Photographer Laureate of Florida, who is also a great protector of our Florida Springs. Stuart is a local photographer that has a great website and is able through his job to travel the world and shoot many interesting sights. Stephen travels the United States and posts many great photographs. David B. has that special ability to change a color image into a magnificent work of art. Check all these websites for other great photographers and their work.

My commercial and personal website is:

Thanks for checking out our website and hope to see you at the art shows later on this year....

Robin and Greg

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111.Jim Consiglio(non-registered)
Greg – some of the most amazing photo’s ever. You are truly gifted! Jim
109.jerry hale(non-registered)
the wife and i were camping at manatee springs last summer, we were walking out the walk way to the swuanee river. i saw this young man with this humongous camera. i asked him if he was one of those guys that made pictures. he said, ive done a few. he introduced himself and gave me his business card ( ICOLLECT BUSINESS CARDS) SO I WENT ON LINE AND NOW I LOOK AT THE GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE WORLD. JERRY D HALE.
108.Connie Junior(non-registered)
Cork and I enjoyed viewing the wildlife and Florida landscapes. Saw a few that interest us and may be able to use at office. You have a very nice web site.
107.Bill Conrad(non-registered)
Really enjoyed the pix this week. I was having withdrawal spasms after 3 weeks with no pix of the week! Really liked the Swallow Tailed Kites. We'll have to do more prospecting on the Suwanee.

105.phil Sandlin(non-registered)
Robin--Really thought your pictures were just great, especially that little fox. Tell that fella Greg he can sleep in a couple mornings that you're taking over the camera work.
thanks for sharing.